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Headquartered in Los Angeles with an  office in Shanghai, Crestridge Consulting has been providing corporate finance and  strategic advisory services to small and medium-sized enterprises based  in Great China Region since 2003. Our team of professionals has extensive experience in  cross-border strategic advisory services to companies based in the Region. To  date, our team of professionals has completed more than $2 billion in  cross-border M&A and capital raising transactions, and is currently  involved in many others.

A growing number of small and medium-sized enterprises in the Region are  beginning to recognize the many opportunities for growth in North  America and Europe.
Crestridge Consulting helps these companies identify North American and European companies that fit their growth strategies, advises them through the  transaction process as well as through post-transaction integration.

• A successful Buy-side engagement in "Nexteer" in 2010, established the firm as an experienced and prominent advisory firm for cross-border transactions.
• Strong network with US/European companies, investment  banks, and private equity groups that buyers  in the Region lack.
• We can easily identify US/European targets through our large database of companies.
• A team of professionals focusing on  accounting, tax, valuation,  operations  management, and other areas. Also, our partners’ backgrounds provide an understanding of cultural differences.
• Our integrated services platform can help  buyers control post-acquisition risk by  advising on tax rules, financial management,  operations, human resources, and general rules on doing business in the US.
• Access to US/European capital sources to help buyers raise capital, restructure debt, or fund  add-on acquisitions

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