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Chen & Fan was established in Los  Angeles in 1972 as the first CPA firm founded by Chinese immigrants in  the United States. Chen & Fan provides the highest quality services  like: accounting and auditing, taxation, banking and finance, management  consulting. The firm’s clientele includes multinational companies,  manufacturers, distributors, banks, governmental units, construction  contractors, importers/exporters, individuals, and many others. Besides  having knowledge of public company filing requirements and extensive  experience in assisting nonpublic companies in the U.S., Chen & Fan  also provides auditing, international tax planning, financial consulting  services to a number of clients who are public companies in Aisa.

Guangdong Industrial Finance Holding Company
Guangdong Industrial Finance Holding Company was founded in 2017. With  Originwater, 35 A-share listed companies around the  country as the founding shareholders of the private joint-stock  enterprise platform, it is Guangdong Province’s first integrated  platform for joint investments in private enterprises. The shareholders  mainly come from the “Four New” industries (new technologies, new  products, new models, and new formats). Guangdong Industria has a rich  and unique network of shareholders, and connects to the large end users  group behind it's shareholder companies who are symbols of the new economy.
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